Custom genes, protein, peptides, antibodies or cell lines.



Stringently QC-ed chemical market place for over 380 k chemicals!


Lab supplies

Shakers, stirrers, heating blocks and liquid handling.



China-Europe-US shipping of biologics and chemicals.


In September 2018 we launched two new Suppliers to the European market : FOUR E’s, an ISO 13485 and 9001 certified supplier of small laboratory equipment and iChemical, an ISO 9001 certified chemical trading platform with a database of 1M transactions and over 380,000 chemicals.

To celebrate this, we will run two promotions until 31 March 2019. Click each logo to see the corresponding promotion.

Four E's Scientific

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IPC BioSupport

The world around us is changing. The more we know about diseases and their cause, the better targeted medication we can develop.

IPC BioSupport helps provide reliable and more affordable tools to Life Scientist, which will help them further improve the productivity of their research.

Besides providing services, reagents and (small) lab equipment IPC BioSupport also helps bring together European scientists and non-European Life Science providers. This also covers the often challenging exercise of intercontinental biological- and chemical shipments.

With over 25 years of commercial Life Science and almost 10 years of China-Europe-US logistics experience, we think we will bring significant added value to your work.