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About IPC

IPC BioSupport was founded May 1st, 2005 with the purpose to do what its name suggests: to Support Life Scientists with their Biology research. We are based in the Netherlands, in Wijchen close to Nijmegen.

The company was founded by Dr. Paul G.J. van Stralen, who did his PhD at the Erasmus University Medical School / Dijkzigt Academic hospital in 1995. The ‘sense of purpose’ by working on molecular Life Science in a Clinical setting has been an important motivator throughout his career. In order to develop proper medicines a thorough understanding of (the biology of) disease is critical. Not just to select the proper targets, but also because many modern-day medicines are actually biologics.

Right after his PhD Paul changed to a commercial position, selling basic R&D kits, reagents and small laboratory equipment into the European market. This evolved to molecular diagnostics through companies like Qiagen and Becton Dickinson/PreAnalytix and subsequently big pharma screening kits through companies like Promega. In 2010 Paul added on Contract Research services through a company called GenScript. This is still an important part of current IPC BioSupport business.

Only recently (2018) we added true chemical reagents (iChemical) and small laboratory equipment (Four E’s scientific). With this we now think we can provide an interesting portfolio of products and services to Support our customer’s Biology Research.

Due to the nature of our products and the location of our suppliers, proper logistics also turned out to be critical. This was setup in 2010 and we currently support hundreds of customers in Europe and Israel for thousands of shipments each year. Origin of the products is mainly US and China.

Our IPC BioSupport team currently exists of only four people, three of which are mainly involved in logistics. But we make a true team with most of our suppliers, who provide (remote) Technical Account Managers, Sales & Marketing- and IT/eMarketing- support. As a strong believer in the power of outsourcing and external collaboration, we actually use this model ourselves as well !

Our logo represents a so called tRNA molecule, which in nature serves as ‘the key’ to read the genetic code (DNA/RNA). This code defines the proteins that eventually lead to all the biological activities we need in nature and in life. To us this is symbolical for the role we like to play as a company: be ‘the key’ between our customers complex Life Science questions and the tools they need to answer these questions.

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Supporting the 'Het BeterBoek'

IPC BioSupport wants to be socially responsible, particularly where it comes to disease and children. As part of this we financially contribute to the so called “BeterBoek” project (‘get well book’) for kids admitted to paediatrics or polyclinical treatment at local hospitals in the Netherlands. Hospitalisation always has a lot of impact, especially on younger children. Good preparation and explanation can avoid a lot of anxiety, and “BeterBoek” is a good tool for this. Thanks to IPC BioSupport’s contributions Bureau Méteau can hand out “BeterBoek” to these kids for free.

Beterboek CWZ, Radboud UMC, UMC Groningen, Maastricht UMC+



Custom genes, protein, peptides, antibodies or cell lines.



Stringently QC-ed chemical market place for over 380 k chemicals!


Lab supplies

Shakers, stirrers, heating blocks and liquid handling.



China-Europe-US shipping of biologics and chemicals.