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Privacy Statement

IPC BioSupport values your privacy. In this statement we explain how we handle your personal information. This will be compliant with the GDPR. (Dutch law ‘Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG)’).

If you have any questions on this statement or on how we handle your information, feel free to contact us at

What data do we store:

Company name
Company address
Company VAT nr (in case we need to transfer VAT)
First and last name of contact person(s)
Academic title, position, email address, phone number

Purpose of storing your data:

Your contact details will be used to send requested information, do mutual business, and send invoices for agreed business. If you registered for our newsletter, we will use your email address for this as well. We will store as little information as possible, and all information will only be stored locally, not online.

Who will process your data:

All data will be processed by IPC BioSupport only, based in the Netherlands, working under Dutch law.

How are your data protected:

All data will be stored locally
Our website is protected by SSL certificate
All emails is encrypted (SSL server)

How long do we keep your data:

We will keep your data as long as we are potentially working together, or until you pro-actively request your data to be removed. At the end of each calendar year we run a record retention exercise to remove all expired data. Pro-actively requested removal of data is immediate and will be confirmed.

How can you see or change the data we store for you : You can always request or modify your data by sending an email to

Right to file complaints:

If you have complaints on how we handle your data you can always send us an email, or file a complaint at Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.



Custom genes, protein, peptides, antibodies or cell lines.



Stringently QC-ed chemical market place for over 380 k chemicals!


Lab supplies

Shakers, stirrers, heating blocks and liquid handling.



China-Europe-US shipping of biologics and chemicals.