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IPC Chemicals

Over 15,000 chemical suppliers from China and India are verified by iChemical according to their track record.

With a database of over 1 million transactions, iChemical provides accurate price forecast for over 380,000 chemicals and get you chemicals from suppliers that best fit your sourcing budget.

Quality controlled, Compliance complied!

All specialty chemicals that reach your hands go through a stringent quality control system. Samples of the chemicals you ordered are sent to a centralized testing center to ensure maximum quality.

Search for Chemicals yourself using this interactive tool, then send us a excel file query and we will return a draft proposal.

Just search all items you need using the iChem search tool and then request a Europe quote by sending us the catalog number and the amount(s) you need. Feel free to send us Excel file format for multiple items.

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Custom genes, protein, peptides, antibodies or cell lines.



Stringently QC-ed chemical market place for over 380 k chemicals!


Lab supplies

Shakers, stirrers, heating blocks and liquid handling.



China-Europe-US shipping of biologics and chemicals.